Our Philosophy

Football has evolved to a mass phenomenon and is now considered the most popular sport in the world. Significantly responsible for this development are the numerous associations worldwide. Their commitment to the game is essential for the improvement and sustainability of football. At the same time, clubs and players turn football into a magnificent spectacle and fascinate millions of fans around the globe.

However, the world of football enhances continuously and new challenges are not only met on, but also besides the pitch. Although associations, clubs and players pursue different goals and face different challenges thereby, they always have one common ground: to achieve the optimum.

An objective that corresponds with the idea behind innofinal. Getting to the final by innovation. With an innovative and unique concept, a global network and know-how, we are the best partner to achieve the desired outcome.


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Our Competence




As pioneer of the digital service in football, innofinal set oneself to simplify the daily business of associations worldwide. Our individual and comprehensive consulting together with our digital service for you, is the formula to reach beyond your desired goals and to ensure maximum sustainability of football.

In this process, innofinal sees its products and service as mere assistance and an effective management tool that helps your strategy and planning to reach the optimum. For us, this begins with a tailormade consulting, based on the status quo of your association and an extraordinary service on Football Development Funds.


The economic success of a club depends on its success on the pitch and notably on an outstanding management. From regional level up to competing against international heavyweights, in order to prove and achieve highest level of performance, every club has to consider international best practices. This characteristic applies in particular to the search of talents and professionals. However, an international transfer always poses a risk for the club and is often accompanied with needless complications. Especially regional clubs that have the will to take the next step, have concerns and doubts to enter the international market.

Nevertheless, to facilitate the desired next step, innofinal offers to undertake the scouting of talents and players on a 360-degree basis. This includes that talents and players are only recommended, if they have passed the “innofinal approval”. Moreover, possible risks are covered by innofinal. Thus, besides of the extraordinary performance on the pitch, the recommended talents legal certainty and medical security is ensured.

With innofinal, club management has the chance to create its squad without considerable risk and to compete on the highest level.

Football Development Funds

In 2016, a milestone in football development was introduced by FIFA: The FIFA Forward Football Development Programme. With a significant increase of financial support for members, associations around the globe have now the chance to put their development in football to a new level.

However, to receive the full amount of financial support, associations have to meet and implement certain requirements that have been stipulated by FIFA.

With innofinal as strategy partner, this problem does not exist or emerge in any way. The only requirement that has to be met is an internet connection and the association will receive the financial support to the fullest.



The digitalization had a huge impact on business and our daily live. It simplified many processes, that had been tedious before. However, despite of the outstanding development of technology, some of the tasks that need to be completed, remain distressing. In the world of football, it is the understanding and the fill out of various forms for funding that still need to be completed. Therefore, innofinal has developed an easy to use application to minimize strenuousness and maximize success: innoforward.

This cloud application enables the conduction of a tailormade, top level FIFA Forward application with top level content and professional format and design. By using the cloud solution an association can significantly increase its financial results not only by receiving additional funding but also by saving time and personnel costs.

Club Strategy

To satisfy the needs of our clients to the optimum, innofinal has developed the “three-stage-programme” of consultancy.

We do not believe in standardized advice. We believe in individual and tailor-made consultancy based on our expertise. Therefore, and first of all, the executive director is personally interviewing every client to find out about his needs, status quo and his goals.

After completing a comprehensive but fast dialogue, the second stage will then be initiated at innofinal. The executive director assembles a team of experts that fit to the particular needs of the client. The selected team, which then combines extraordinary expertise in various areas like football, marketing, IT, business or event managing, will then develop a tailor-made strategy that fits to the goals and expectations of the client.

As soon as this has been completed, the possible catalogue of ideas, services, strategies and possibilities will be presented to the client and future steps can be initiated.

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